Donor Testimonials


Joe & Jen Stump and Family

The State Fair moved to Grand Island one month before we had our first child.  As we have watched our family grow over the last nine years, it has been amazing to see the fair grow with us!  We have enjoyed all of the aspects of the fair!  We have loved being a part of the growth of the fair and the 1868 Foundation and can’t wait to see the future success!


Ed Meedel

People … I’ve always enjoyed being around people and the Nebraska State Fair certainly provides that opportunity for me.  Whatever I can do to make our guests and visitors experience at the Fair more pleasant and enjoyable, I feel is a calling. 


Donna Wanitscke

The 1868 Foundation is something I really believe in. All the volunteers, donors and friends that that come in, I’m so happy to be a part of promoting and recognizing these people. Anything the foundation does; if I can be a part of it...I feel really good and it lifts me up.


Lenny & Sue Freund

Freund Family Foods participates in the Nebraska State Fair and the 1868 Foundation for one very simple reason - you make us feel welcome!  We love coming to Grand Island and being a part of the Fair and supporting the 1868 Foundation is just our way of helping an event and community, that has supported us throughout the years.  We believe that the Nebraska State Fair and the 1868 Foundation has a bright future and we are very proud to be a partner.