The master plan’s process was thorough and collaborative, providing a holistic investigation
and vision for the campus. Site and existing inventory analysis, combined with a diverse neighborhood and public engagement plan, laid the foundation for a data driven exploration of enhancements to ensure sustainable development of the site.

The conclusions of the master plan has the following results and recommendations:

Embrace Fonner Park Brand Strength
Leverage and build on core strengths of Fonner Park ‘brand’ - racing, livestock,
equestrian, hospitality, exhibition.

Leverage New Assets to Attract New Events and Activities
Grand Island Casino Resort assets have the potential to increase destination appeal
and drive incremental growth with existing and new events.

Enhance Guest Experience
Market share and performance would be expected to decline without investment.

Livestock Market Demand Opportunities
Near-term demand exists to support investment in livestock facility expansion.

Equestrian Market Demand Opportunities:
Mid-term demand anticipated to support equestrian event facility investment,
based on increased appeal of the Grand Island and Fonner Park destination.

Development Scenarios:
• Multipurpose GILCA Expansion - 20% increase in facility capacity.
Second arena to accommodate both equestrian and livestock shows.
Expanded stalling, penning, and storage are needed to accommodate
the growth of existing national shows, and the potential to attract new ones.

• Conference and Event Space Program - 8,000 square feet of divisible,
upscale breakout meeting space. Potential for an additional 20,000
square foot divisible ballroom, depending on casino success.

• Arena/Entertainment Event Space Enhancements - Create diversity
of seating options. Enhance food and beverage options and points of sale.
New club lounge with upgraded food service and premium access.